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About Us

Lee Barnett

Lee and Donna Barnett live in rural Leicestershire, UK on the edge of the beautiful Charnwood Forest, with their son Alex and their menagerie of animals.

Lee graduated from Loughborough University over ten years ago with a BEng in Manufacturing Engineering, but never entered the engineering world. Instead he discovered computers and taught himself to program in several different computer languages, before finding an interest in e-learning and web development. Lee currently works as an e-learning specialist in academia, following several successful years as an e-learning consultant in the private sector, and finds sculpting a means of relaxing from the stresses of his day job.

Lee started model making over 20 years ago and feel in love with the detail and beauty of kits sculpted by the likes of Volks and Cellar Cast, and decided to start sculpting his own work. Lee initially started using wet clay but quickly became disillusioned with the material due to the mess and the need for expensive equipment like kilns. He moved to work with the new range of polymer clays like Super Sculpey, which to this day are his prefered medium, due to their easy of working and ability to hold minute detail.

Donna Barnett

Donna graduated from college where she studied art, photography, French and Sociology at A-level, but then moved to London to work in the finance sector but continued with her photography. After working for several financial institutions she decided to return to Leicestershire away from the bustle of the big city.

After meeting Lee she decided that the wanted to explore her creative abilities further by starting her own craft business, creating and selling unique painted glassware, pictures, jewellery and gift ware.

Donna's abiding passion is still photography, for which she constantly finds inspiration from her son Alex, her animals and the environment where she and Lee live. She hopes in the near future to exhibit her own collection of images to the general public fulfilling a long held ambition.

Donna has now joined forces with Lee to help with the running of CopyCat Creations whilst still running her own business 'Groovy Giftware'.

Even though he is only a toddler, Alex is already showing talent at sculpting, making all sorts of things from Plasticine and Playdoh, never failing to imnpress his parents with his imagination!