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To get an idea of the kind of sculpture we could create for you please look at one of the following gallery pages:

All our sculptures are made with the finest available raw materials. Each sculpture is composed of an armature, the body or 'clay' and a base.

The Armature

A wire armature

Each CopyCat creations sculpture has its own armature or 'skeleton'. The armature provides a number of functions. Firstly it provides stability and strength to the finished structure making it far stronger than a clay only sculpture. Secondly it allows for more elaborate poses and forms that would be difficult to achieve without it. Finally it provides a means of connection to a base for further stability of the piece.

All our armatures are created using a combination of threaded rod, welding rod and sculpture wire, all of which are designed to have high strength at high temperature. Additional form is added to the wire armature by the use of aluminium foil, providing a light yet incredibly strong base onto which the body is sculpted.

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The Body

Super Sculpey

The primary material we use is a product called Super Sculpey a polymeric clay similar to Fimo, that can be 'fired' in a conventional domestic oven.

Unlike Fimo, Super Sculpey comes in only two colours, Standard pink and Superfine grey. Here at CopyCat creations we use a combination of Standard and Superfine dependent upon the nature of the sculpture built up in layers to achieve the final sculpture form.

Super Sculpey is a professional grade material that is used by model makers, sculptors and visual effects houses the world over. Many films like The Lord of the Rings trilogy have made extensive usage of Super Sculpey to create prototypes of characters either for direct use in the film, or for 3D scanning for 3D animation. It is also widely used in the toy industry to create prototypes of new action figures prior to production.

Super sculpey is a very malleable material, making it ideal for figure sculpture, and it remains workable indefinitely until it is fired. It is also possible to fire a piece, add more material and detail then re-fire again and again; something that is not feasible with wet clay. Once fired it is also possible to 'reshape' a piece with the application of localised heat using a heat gun. This is not for the faint hearted, so all major shaping tends to be done prior to firing.

The biggest advantage of Super Sculpey is its ability to hold fine detail without slump or shrinkage. Natural clays tend exhibit a certain amount of slump and shrinkage due to their water content and often appear slightly smaller or 'warped' following the firing process. With Super Sculpey what you see prior to firing is what you get afterwards.

Following a proper firing Super Sculpey can then be drilled, sanded and even machined, allowing for further modification. Sometimes this is inevitable due to the nature of the sculpture (e.g. the fitting of LED's to simulate glowing eyes).

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The Base

All of our sculptures (except cake toppers) include a standard hardwood base at no extra cost. These bases are made from a range of solid hardwoods.

English Oak base Mahogany base White Beech base
English Oak
White Beech
Ash base Black American Walnut base  
Black Walnut

The size of the base is relative to the size of the sculpture, either square, rectangular or circular, depending upon your requirements.

If required we can create a custom base for your sculpture. This can either be a custom shape using one of the hardwood materials described above, or a base made from the material of your choice. In these circumstances the base will be considered as an additonal extra on top of the cost of the sculpture. Dependent upon the nature of the base and material required additional time may be needed in the creation process. This will be notified during when a quote is submitted.

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